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Caffeteria & Ristorante

909 Café & Scuola Elementare della Pasta


The lounge of the "909 Café" is available for breakfast, tea and especially for the evening aperitif with a large collection of wines. In winter, live concerts accompany the evenings on Friday with some of the most up-and-coming musicians in the emerging scene.


The pasta is homemade at the time in the Basckbrett in accordance with the daily freshness of simple dishes of Italian tradition: the products are seasonal and the ingredients from the best local supply chains, the virgin olive oil, which is the important ingredient of our kitchen. The school is created in memory of my mother, when on Sunday morning with a board and rolling pin delight with its repertoire of homemade pasta. I wanted a place that would recall the memory of those creating gestures that led to so much peace in the soul of the child (which I was). M.B.

909 Café

Italian café in historical city center

Scuola Elementare della Pasta

Master of italian pasta